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Anonymous said: Can you be pansexual, but heteroromantic?


Anonymous said: Is it possible to be hetersexual, heteroromantic, and still support LGBT2QA rights/identities??

BA: …yes. Yes it is.

That doesn’t stop them from unintentionally being ignorant, though.

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Based on a recent ask in the admin blog.


Based on a recent ask in the admin blog.

Anonymous said: Sexuality is kind of like ethnicity in that it is defined on and individual basis by the INDIVIDUAL. No one has the right to run around telling people whether they are 'allowed' in the queer community or not. Just want to let you know that you aren't the only person who is going to stick up for the aces.

Asexual people are queer.

Send me hideously offensive and triggering messages all you want. That won’t change the facts.

Your ignorance is frightening and I’m sad that you choose to spend your time putting down people who turn to the LBGT* community because they have nowhere else go to.

I talked to the Trevor Project about an hour ago and the volunteer reassured me that I wasn’t wrong for trying to help my asexual friends accept their sexuality. I wasn’t wrong, like you insist I am, for wanting them to feel included in this community of sexual minorities. I’m not wrong, like my family thinks I am, for not experiencing ‘normal’ sexual attraction.

They are a minority, heteroromantic or not, just like people who do experience attraction to members of the same sex are.

Thank you for your time.

liketherainshesaid said: Queer is not a catch-all for sexuality that isn't normal, and furthermore being lgbtp IS NORMAL. Using queer as the opposite of normal only further stigmatizes us. It's a slur used against a specific group, not a term for abnormal. And fyi the definition you quoted was of queer as an adjective, not as a slur/reclaimed slur. Finally, dictionaries are often not the best source to turn to when it comes to terms defined and used primarily by minorities.

also, “prude, tease, frigid” are used as misogynistic insults against women, no matter what our orientation is. if i saw a man trying to “reclaim” them i’d give him some serious side-eye.

BA: Fine. We’re not “queer” — we’re a sexual minority and should be accepted by the LGBT* community. Is that better?

If you want to continue arguing with me on why my friends aren’t part of such an “all inclusive” group aimed at “acceptance,” then go ahead. Your ignorance is painfully eyeopening.

Oh, so if a homoromantic ace man is called frigid by his partner, he shouldn’t be offended, right? Yup yup.

Society still says that being black isn’t normal, and I’ve come to accept that “normal” is bullshit. I have friends who identify as black even though they don’t look it, but I’m not going to tell them that being a quarter black or having pale skin makes them any less of a black person than I am. They might never have to deal with being called the N word like I’m subjected to on a frequent basis, but they should still be accepted by a community of people who all identify as black.

You can’t tell someone that they’re not allowed to identify as queer if they aren’t completely what the societal norm is.


Anonymous said: Hey! I noticed you using the acronym "GSM" for gender/sexuality minority, which is awesome! I wanted to point out the one I use, and a variation: OMGS and OGSM for Outside Mainstream Gender/Sexuality and Outside the Gender/Sexuality Mainstream. Same thing, basically, but a bit different. :) Also, I wanted to thank you for your inclusion of the asterisk after LGBT and aces in your blog! Have a nice day and keep it up! :)

BA: I’ll try to start using OGMS because really, that’s what people should be remembering. We’re struggling in a society that tells us that we’re wrong for being who we are.

Fighting about it and tearing others down for things they cannot change is a waste of time.

Thank you!

Picture: Background: 4 piece color split with yellow, red, blue, and green. Foreground: Smiling girl with rainbow gloves makes two peace signs on either side of her face. Top text: “I can’t be homophobic” Bottom text: “I have a tumblr!”

Picture: Background: 4 piece color split with yellow, red, blue, and green. Foreground: Smiling girl with rainbow gloves makes two peace signs on either side of her face. Top text: “I can’t be homophobic” Bottom text: “I have a tumblr!”

Anonymous said: I find it really funny how ignorant people are about the ace* community. I have a cousin who i'm very close to that identifies as grey-ace and she's had to put up with slurs her whole life. Since she's not biromantic or homoromantic, I've even heard people say that she doesn't count as queer which bothers me. If someone identifies as queer then they are as much a part of the LGBT* community as I am (I'm a lesbian).

BA: It’s really disappointing how ignorant members of the LGBT* community can be to members within the community.

I have lots of trans* friends who aren’t understood because people don’t take the time to learn about what they’re going through and bisexual friends who feel rejected and ace friends who don’t feel like they actually have a place where they belong.

Coming out as asexual (well, I’m demisexual) has been more terrifying for me than coming out as “liking girls” was, but it’s different for different people. I don’t mind being called a frigid bitch, but a friend who’s slowly coming to terms with who she is feels even more awful than she usually does when she’s called such phrases because she wants to be ‘normal.’ She wants to enjoy kissing and sexual intimacy, but she can’t.

I’m honestly sorry that your cousin has to deal with that. It’s completely unfair. I just wish people would take the time to educate themselves before saying such hurtful things to others.

Anonymous said: here's a thought, asexual individuals like yourself could call yourself asexual.

BA: Here’s a thought, gay people can just call themselves gay and we can forget this whole concept of community.

Because if we’re going to be seen as ‘freaks of nature’ by other people because of our sexual attraction, we might as well do it alone.

Right? Right?

And thank you (sincerely) to the people in my ask box about acephobic slurs — I stand corrected. However, I have had friends who have been triggered in some manner by being called the words I listed.